Hands Only CPR

“What is Hands Only CPR?”

Hands Only CPR is the physical act of CPR in the event of a cardiac arrest emergency that you may witness, unfortunately most likely a loved one, and only performing CPR without stopping to perform breaths until Emergency Personnel can arrive.

“Why Wouldn’t I Stop to Give Breaths? They Aren’t Breathing!”

The human adult has approximately 8-10 minutes of oxygen reserved in their blood stream when cardiac arrest occurs, supplying the brain with oxygen during CPR during that time. The action of CPR also causes the movement of the diaphragm in the chest and the movement of additional air.

Two Steps to Stay Alive

If you witness someone collapse, and they are not breathing, call 911. Once you have called 911, immediately begin CPR. Place Your hands on the middle of the chest and push HARD and FAST to the beat of STAYIN’ ALIVE. Continue with chest compressions until emergency medical personnel arrives.