Hello everyone!

Who here has ever ridden in an ambulance? Have you had children or other family members require an ambulance? While insurance does indeed cover a portion of an ambulance bill, a majority of insurance providers do not cover the entire billed amount. While we at Jackson County EMS do all our patient billing in office and ensure your claims are sent to primary and any secondary insurance plans you may have, in the event you do have a remaining balance we also offer a membership to reduce the amount after insurance by 50%!

Nobody wants to imagine the need for an ambulance, but life and accidents do happen, and we at Jackson County EMS want to advocate for our patients to the best of our ability, even after your encounter with us! If you think you or a family member may need the use of an ambulance even once, a membership is worth it.

A single membership for one year is $45.

A family membership that covers parents and all minor children living in the home for one year is $55.

Peace of mind also makes a great gift.

If you are interested in a membership with our ambulance service or would like information for a loved one, please enter your information below with a short comment stating how you would like to receive your information, by email or by mail (and add your address if choosing by mail), and we will send you the brochure and application.