Stroke Awareness

Did you know?:

Stroke is the number one cause of long-term disability and one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

According to the American Stroke Association, about 795,000 Americans each year suffer a new or recurrent stroke.

That means, on average, a stroke occurs every 40 seconds.

Stroke is a disease process that affects the arteries leading to, and within the brain. With stroke education, 80% of strokes can be prevented. It is up to YOU to learn how!

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the main cause of stroke. You are one and a half times more likely to suffer a stroke with high blood pressure. Checking your blood pressure regularly is a good practice to have to stay on track.

  • A “goal” blood pressure is 120/80
  • Communication with your doctor is important to know what is healthy for you.

Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is managed and controlled through our diet and exercise. Communication with your doctor to know what your cholesterol levels are and what diet and level of exercise is appropriate for you is important.

  • Optimal cholesterol levels < 200 mg/dl
  • LDL < 100 mg/dl
  • HDL > 50 mg/dl For Women, > 40 mg/dl For Men

Healthy Eating Habits

Maintaining a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and protein with little sodium is best for healthy arteries!


It is important to remain active to decrease the risk of plaque build up. 30 minutes of light to moderate activity each day helps to prevent heart disease and stroke.

Follow this link to take American Heart Associations quiz to find out your risk for stroke:—Lifes-Simple-7_UCM_471453_Article.jsp#.WsfZbkxFxPY


All Stroke Prevention information has been provided by

The University of Kansas Health Systems.